Arsenal Strength FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does your equipment have a warranty?  

Arsenal Strength works with a lot of equipment providers, so depending on the equipment piece and the manufacturer, most will offer a warranty. It will vary so be sure to ask your Arsenal Strength representative about the particular warranty associated with your purchase.

  • What is the lead time on your equipment?

Arsenal Strength works with a lot of equipment providers, so depending on the equipment piece and manufacturer lead times with vary. Ask your Arsenal Strength representative about your current lead time.

  • How does the Gym Design Process work?

Arsenal Strength’s GYM DESIGN process is very easy.  Contact us at 865.333.5444 or email us at for more details on our GYM DESIGN process.  We work with each customer individually and base the GYM DESIGN package on their unique needs.

  • What types of equipment does Arsenal Strength offer?

We offer a variety of equipment. Our goal is to be a one stop shop, all inclusive provider of equipment. We have several partners we work closely with – Rae Crowther Co, Dynamic Fitness & Strength, Westside Barbell, UMAX, ECore to name a few.  We’ve already built strong relationships with these companies to offer the most competitive pricing and work with them closely to meet our customers shipping and installation needs.  This eliminates the customer from having to deal with multiple manufacturers / vendors.


Arsenal Strength LOVE MY GYM CHALLENGE Official Rules (Promotion will start 2.9.17*)

Arsenal Strength Presents

Love My Gym Challenge

Arsenal Strength presents the Love My Gym Challenge. In the next thirty days, Arsenal Strength will be giving away a Pro Vertical Leg Press to the most Loved Gym. Arsenal Strength believes in community and the gym is a key part of the community. We want to reward those gyms that create a sense of community for their members. 

Here are the rules for the Love My Gym Challenge:

  1. The Love My Gym Challenge is open to any and all gyms, personal training studios, health clubs across the world*
  1. Gym members and Gym owners are eligible to submit their gym.
  1. To Have Your Gym Be Eligible:
    1. The Gym must be tagged in Arsenal Strength’s social media posts pertaining to the Love My Gym Challenge
    2. An official entry form must be submitted for each gym to be eligible
    3. A Gym member/Owner must post on their personal social media accounts telling Arsenal Strength why they “Love My Gym” using hashtags #ArsenalStrength #LoveMyGym

4. The Challenge will run for 30 days. Commencing at the first announcement of the Love My Gym Challenge.

5. Winner will be picked and determined by Arsenal Strength’s Love My Gym Challenge Team, taking into consideration the amount of entires, posts, and tags of the gym.

6. The Pro Vertical Leg Press will be customized to the winner’s gym colors and delivered within 20 weeks of announcement.*

7. If the winning gym already has a Pro Vertical Leg Press, Arsenal Strength will work closely with the gym to determine a compatible product for the gym.

8. Participants in the Love My Gym Challenge will also be randomly selected to win apparel and resistance bands.

9. Winning Gym will also win apparel and resistance bands for participants who submitted their gym.

*All rules are subject to change at any time per Arsenal Strength.

**There are some restrictions shipping worldwide- please contact Arsenal Strength for further details.

***Delivery time of the Pro Vertical Leg Press may be more or less than 20 weeks

****Some restrictions apply. Contact Arsenal Strength for details.

*All dates subject to change.

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