At Arsenal Strength our mission is to redefine the strength industry by providing the most dominating products. We are here with a purpose. We want to build champions. That’s why they call us the Masters of Strength. We provide you with the Arsenal you need to reach the highest level.

Pro Vertical
Leg Press

The Vertical Leg Press is the most unique leg press ever made. This is a must have in any gym for its unique design and ability to target muscle groups like never before. The Vertical Leg Press can be customized to your gym colors, with various frame and pad color choices. If your goal is to build a world class gym, unique personal training studio, or offer your members a great piece of equipment, the Vertical Leg Press is the one.


Customize to Your Brand

We provide you with the most premiere strength equipment on the market. Our products are built to order with your choice of custom colors and logos. All our products are Made in the USA. .

Pro Leg Press

The Leg Press holds over 2,300lbs, so you’ve got enough weight to work up to on your sets. This Leg Press does  not disappoint with its heavy duty look and feel, oversized footplate, and additional weight storage on the side. Both these pieces can be customized to fit your brand, with various frame and pad color options.



Arsenal Strength provides equipment that is heavy duty, built to order. We provide equipment that goes through rigorous quality standard testing and is made in the USA.

Pro Bilateral
Leg Press

A mandatory piece for any gym, collegiate/high school weight room, or training facility. The Bilateral Leg Press gives you the option to perform a single leg press, or work each leg individually. This can be beneficial in a collegiate/high school weight room if you have any players with injuries. The smoothness of this bilateral leg press is incredible which enables user to focus on muscle development.


Complete Gym Design

Arsenal Strength will provide you with everything you need to complete your Gym Design. We will work with you the entire process to ensure you are getting complete and total gym design customized for your brand. All of your equipment pieces are hand selected to meet the needs of your specific clientele. We make this process as simple as possible for you.

Hack Squat

Pro Hack Squat- not just another Hack Squat. Finally a hack squat that doesn’t destroy your knees and cause pain. Extremely smooth and allows user to perform full ROM. Adjustable oversized footplate to minimize knee pain and allows user to target specific muscle groups with various foot placements.


Masters of Strength

Our goal is to be the Masters of Strength in this industry. We want to be your one stop shop equipment experts. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to provide you with everything you will need for your complete gym design.

Power Squat

The most versatile squat machine on the market. The Power Squat has an oversized, adjustable platform so the user can better isolate specific muscles in the lower body. This Power Squat enables the user to face frontward OR backward to determine key emphasis on quad or glute/hamstring isolation.


Arsenal Strength In Action

Arsenal Strength has worked with clients all over the world. We have designed gyms, personal training studios, high school weight rooms, and large training facilities. We will work with you and your personal space to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

Pro Donkey Calf

Pro Donkey Calf machine- bringing back the old school way to build dense calf muscles. This piece features a round Calf block to ensure full range of motion without causing pain in the ball of the foot. Offers a 400lb weight stack with weight horns to increase weight beyond the weight stack.