Alpha DB/Row Kickback Bench

The Arsenal Strength Alpha DB/Row Kickback Bench is  a unique free weight bench designed to perform a dumbbell pullover and an overhead tricep extension/press.


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  • The bench is angled at 5 degrees to help support the body during the row movement
  • User lifts dumbbell out of a cradle between the hand rest and the kneepad
  • This bench saves the back from strains from picking a bell off the floor
  • The only bench of its kind


  • Total Weight: 80 lb
  • Width: 28.25″, Height: 29.25″, Length: 49.5″

This product ships on a pallet and is 90% assembled. Some installation required, please talk with your AS representative. Please follow all appropriate directions when installing the equipment. Contact Arsenal Strength with any questions or concerns at 865.333.5444 or

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