ReLoaded Leg Extension/ Seated Leg Curl

The newest addition to our Arsenal Strength ReLoaded Series is a highly requested and anticipated piece, engineered to deliver an exceptional experience for two staple movements, all in one unit. Work hamstrings, quads, and glutes in one small footprint. This compact unit provides an easy transition between a seated leg curl, and the seated leg extension with a quick change pop-pin selector. The sound bio-mechanics are engineered so you won’t hear the clanking that many pieces similar to this one produce, also reducing wear and tear on the equipment. 


We put extra attention into the stability of the movement arm to make sure even pressure is applied across both legs for balanced training. The standard weight storage horns accommodate standard size olympic plates and allow the user to have easy access for quick changes of the resistance between sets. There are multiple adjustments on this piece to ensure the best fit for each user. 

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  • Dual function piece saves floor space
  • Adjustable back pad
  • 2 weight storage horns 
  • Adjustable start positions on both movements provide a full comfortable range of motion
  • Firm Round thigh pad secures the user into a comfortable position during the seated leg curl
  • Self-Adjusting lower leg pad to ensure proper alignment

Shipping Dimensions:

  • L- 48”
  • W- 43”
  • H- 53”
  • Weight- 430 lbs.

Overall Dimensions 

  • L- 48”
  • W- 55”
  • H- 45”


Some installation or assembly required, please talk with your AS representative. Please follow all appropriate directions when installing the equipment. Contact Arsenal Strength with any questions or concerns at 865.333.5444 or

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