Reloaded Seated Calf Raise

The Arsenal Strength Seated Calf Raise features multiple adjustments throughout the piece. Including an adjustable vertical knee rest and seat pad.  The (5.5″) foot block can be adjusted to fit your needs.  The Seated Calf features contoured knee pads to fit onto the thigh.  This piece also comes with handles just above the knee pads for self spotting.


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  • This unit has a vertical adjustable knee rest and seat pad.
  • Adjustable round foot block (5.5” diameter)


  • Total Weight: 150 lb
  • Width: 32.25″, Height: 36″, Length: 60″

Some installation or assembly required, please talk with your AS representative. Please follow all appropriate directions when installing the equipment. Contact Arsenal Strength with any questions or concerns at 865.333.5444 or

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