Reloaded T Bar Row

The Arsenal Strength Reloaded T Bar Row features a wide, low angled foot platform, with adjustable handle width.  Each handle features 3 grip options. The T Bar Row also features angled work arm for maximum resistance. A Swivel Handle option is also available.


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  • Wide low-angle foot platform
  • Adjustable handle width (5)
  • 3 grip positions with each handle width
  • Angled work arm for maximum resistance
  • Optional Swivel Handle Available


  • Total Weight: 240 lb
  • Width: 46″, Height: 23″, Length: 69″

This product ships on a pallet and comes 90% assembled.  Weight horns will need to be installed upon delivery.  Please follow all appropriate directions when installing the equipment. Contact Arsenal Strength with any questions or concerns at 865.333.5444 or

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